Flashback: Train Ride of Doom!

Your ticket... is only one way.

When four souls boarded a train bound for a small town in Colorado, none of them imagined a simple train ride could set off an unbelievable chain of events. The well dressed but young Keith “The Kid” D’Eath, a hunter of some renown, was only looking to investigate claims of weird happenings out west. The same was true for Warrick Sapseed, intrepid reporter, and Sister Gabrielle, warrior of the cloth. The three, through their various dealings in things supernatural and unbelievable, were already somewhat familiar with each other and their exploits. The stranger was the well dressed and soft spoken Cecelia Wilkenmier, who did her best to keep to herself and avoid attention on the train.

While those on the train were oblivious to her, a group outside of it was not. Unbeknownst to the passengers, the train tracks had been rigged to blow with dynamite. With the conductor unable to stop the train in time, the vehicle went careening off the tracks and onto its side, sending both the passengers and its other contents for a tumble. While the majority of the staff did not survive the crash, the scene was not entirely grisly: many of the passengers and a few of the crew towards the back of the train survived the wreck, including the fated four. Time to tend to their injuries was short, however, as the bandit group responsible for rigging the tracks approached the down train, screaming oddities about ‘finding the girl’ and ‘retrieving the bunny.’ A fierce firefight ensued right outside the downed train, and though the group was ill equipped to deal with foes at long distances, perseverance and a bit of luck eventually won them the day when one bandit shot their leader’s leg clean off with a shotgun.

Once the firefight died down, the group tended to the wounded – both their own and the enemy, and managed to capture two of the attacking bandits. After a bit of ‘interviewing’ from Mr. Sapseed, the bandits became forthcoming with information. The pair revealed that they had been hired by a Mr. Souji located in Salt Lake City to track down a certain well dressed girl and retrieve her of a bunny. While three fourths of the group were perplexed at this revelation, Cecelia appeared completely shaken by the news. With some gentle prodding from The Kid, she explained that she had inherited a mechanical bunny from her father – a bunny who’s workings and behavior simply did not match that of other current automatons. Though the group was eager to pursue this Mr. Souji for his attack on the train, other pressing concerns supplanted it for the time being: mainly that they had a fairly large group of injured people to transport, and their destination was still several hours away by foot.

And so, with civilians and prisoners in tow, the newly formed group set out for their ultimate destination: Brookstown.


DrunkKitsune DrunkKitsune

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